Well Maintenance  

                                International Water Supply Ltd. (IWS) provides high quality well and pump service and maintenance. Our staff of Professional Engineers, Hydrogeologists, Well Technicians and Pump Services Crews offer a wide variety of services to ensure reliable operation of your water supply.

                                Our service and maintenance includes:

                                Well Rehabilitation
                                IWS employs advanced technologies in rehabilitation of wells. Techniques include mechanical and chemical treatment methods as well Sonar Jet technology. IWS offers over a half century of well rehabilitation experience.

                                Complete Pump Repair
                                Our pump service crews provide full service for all your well pump problems. Three pump service vehicles equipped with cranes are available for pulling well pumps and are supported with inventories of factory replacement parts for vertical pumps.

                                24 Hour Emergency Service
                                Our skilled and experienced staff are available 24 hours a day to ensure continuous and reliable operation of your system.

                                Downhole Video Inspection
                                IWS downhole water well video inspection provides accurate visual inspection of a well's interior. The video technology helps to pinpoint problems and diagnose well conditions. Click here to learn more about our downhole video inspection service.


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