Well Construction  

                                Since 1933, International Water Supply Ltd. (IWS) has developed more groundwater in Canada for municipal and industrial use than any other Canadian group. Our clients include all levels of government, industry and private developers. IWS has developed over 1600 high capacity wells and 8 Horizontal Collector Wells for some 400 municipal and industrial clients across Canada.

                                IWS has extensive experience in well design and construction providing technologically innovative, cost-effective solutions to any water supply challenge. Well designs are evaluated for a wide range of drilling methods, well types and geologic conditions.

                                Well Design and Construction experience include:

                                Gravel Wall Wells              Infiltration Galleries
                                Tubular Wells                     Monitoring Wells
                                Rock Wells                          Dewatering Wells
                                Horizontal Collectors         Fire Wells
                                Remediation Wells

                                Drilling a large diameter ( 400 x 760 mm) double cased gravel wall well with a design yield of 1,400 IGM using reverse circulation method.

                                Over 65 years of experience in
                                well design and construction


                                Sketch of a typical horizontal collector well.
                                IWS has developed collector wells with capacity
                                of up to 20 MIGD.
                                ? 2009 International Water Supply Ltd.


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